The Crew
Keeping you safe and happy to serve you

Crew Profile 2015


Captain John has a long career in marine shipping starting as 3rd, then 2nd and finally working his way up to chief officer. He began his career in large tanker vessels where he mastered his ship handling skills. He moved into yachting in 2007 adding people skills to his resume. He has been onboard Insignia since April 2014 where he has excelled in creating unique experiences for our guests.

Diplomas and Certifications: Captain B Class, GMDSS, RO-RO Passenger, Fast Boat License, SSO and Medical Care.



Alex was recruited out of the tanker industry directly onto the team of Insignia yacht in 2015. His impressive seamanship skills made him a valuable addition to the team as we focus on the safety of everyone on board. His much focused personality and attention to detail and procedure helps ensure all safety protocols and drills are adhered to providing the safety that forms the basis of a successful charter on board Insignia.

Diplomas and Certifications: Captain B Class, GMDSS, TANKER SAFETY, ARPA, Fast Boat License, SSO, ECDIS.


Kosmas originates from the famous fishing island of Elafonissos. During charters this experience in professional fishing is put to use with our distinguished guests giving them tips of how to improve their fishing in the Mediterranean. Kosmas has built his yachting career on Insignia the last few years in a perfect environment for this kind, helpful and pleasant person.

Diplomas and Certifications: 500 GRT Commercial License, GMDSS Operator, STCW Advanced Fire Fighting, I.S.P.S, ARPA, RO-RO Passenger, Medical Care, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats.


To build an unparalleled experience on board you have to have a solid foundation and this is nowhere more evident that in the engine department. Costas is an extremely experienced chief engineered that started his career in the mid-1970s in ocean going vessels. He moved into yachting in the early 2000s and soon after joined the Insignia team with which he has been for over ten years.

Diplomas and Certifications: Chief Engineer, RO-RO Passenger, Tanker Safety.


The commitment on Insignia to build a solid foundation on the engineering department and increase safety and comfort is also evident with the addition of Nick to the team. Nick started his career in the mid-1980s and moved to the yachting industry in 2010, shortly thereafter joining the Insignia charter team. He serves as 2nd Engineer, though is fully qualified as Chief Engineer increasing the overall level of competence on board.

Diplomas and Certifications: Chief Engineer, RO-RO Passenger, Tanker Safety.



Babis has been with Insignia since 2011 after a long career as a seaman in ocean going vessels and since 1998 in yachts. He has been a Bosun since the mid-1980s and his experience is evident on board. A true sea lover and avid fisherman - our guests enjoy the fishing excursions he organizes.

Diplomas and Certifications: RO-RO Passenger, Fast Boat License, Diving License.

2ND Bosun

2nd Bosun Nick continues the requirement onboard Insignia that all members of the crew have a lot of sea faring experience. He started his career in merchant shipping as deckhand soon becoming a Bosun given his stellar performance. Shortly after shifting his career to yachting he joined the Insignia team in 2011. Nick is an extremely multitalented and pleasurable person.

Diplomas and Certifications: RO-RO Passenger, Fast Boat License, Diving License.


Nuray started his yachting career in Greece onboard Insignia graduating from our training academy in 2011. He has a very pleasant temperament with a very good knowledge of the yacht and the tender service.

Diplomas and Certifications: Deck Hand, Ro-ro Passenger, Fast Boat License.


Aris joined insignia on may 2015. He is a very happy and kind personality. He has large experience as personal chef of famous yachts owners and generaly in yachting indoustry. He loves cooking and he is ready to prepare the best menus for all desires.

Diplomas and Certifications: Chef.

CHIEF Stewardess

A senior stewardess with happy helpful and willing personality being all the time next to the passenger with a smile. Positive attitude, attention to detail and she is ready to offer a high level of service all the time. Nicky is experienced in vip restaurants, resorts and glamorous hotels.

Diplomas and Certifications: Stewardess, Proficiency in English language.


Iskra has been onboard the yacht Insignia since 2010 and she too has graduated from the Insignia training academy. She is a very experienced assistance Stewardess with a very customer oriented focus. She is an invaluable person in the Insignia experience.

Diplomas and Certifications: Stewardess.


Marina has been onboard yachts since 1997 and joined Insignia in 2011. Her experience adds to the strength of the hotel department onboard. Marina has a love for children and this is evident with kids on board every season. She is really committed to making the Insignia experience unique for all our guests.

Diplomas and Certifications: Stewardess.


Elina is a happy and kind personality being all the time next to the passenger with a smile. Excellent reviews from famous hotels and restaurants, made her join yachting industry and insignia team on June 2016.

Diplomas and Certifications: Stewardess.