ARiA Lifetuning unites all the premium scientific expertise with the refined luxury amenities of the Insignia Mega-yacht.


ria Lifetuning is a specially designed program that provides you and your loved ones with a unique revitalizing experience through the innovative disease-preventive nutritional system called Mispoon. We aim to help you develop the vital mentality to maintain a healthier day to day lifestyle without forfeiting your favorite and enjoyable patterns. Its your chance for a fresh start during a unique yacht cruise set across the world-renowned blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and it's captivating scenery.



Your choice between 3, 4 and 7-day cruise experiences onboard the Insignia Mega-yacht for up to 10 guests each designed around your prefferences.

Landing on a minimum of 3 selected destinations, each diverging unique beauty and rich cultural heritage to experience.

Private "talk to the specialist" sessions and team consultations including prospective presentations on nutritional optimization and conscious eating by MiSpoon creator and program supervisor Dr. Dimitrios Samaras.

Daily personalized consultations include nutritional optimization, biofeedback, daily lifestyle management and super-meal preparation.

Exclusive onboard chef prepared meals designed to help you emotionally connect to new nutritional patterns and adapt an overall healthier daily lifestyle.

Outdoor Healthy Dining

Up to 53 hours of expert psychological consultation including stress management and meditation sessions for all guests.

Up to 80 hours of on-deck fitness personal-training sessions including Yoga, following a private physical condition assessment by our sport coach. Up to 27 total hours of relaxing massage therapies.

Segment daily sauna sessions to complete a 30 minute total for each guest.

Full board including welcome dietary cocktails, fitness clothing and gift bag with premium cosmetics.

Full access to Insignia's 5 star amenities including sundeck Jacuzzi, Sea-scooters and a selection of sea-toys among others to mention.

Outdoor Activities

The complete program schedule and philosophy of ARiA lifetuning cruises is available upon request.

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